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South Beach's Best Kept Secret

South Beach’s Best Kept Secret

The 2019–2020 NBA Rookie of the Year seems to be a forgone conclusion with all the hype surrounding Zion Williamson in the “Big Easy” (New Orleans) and Ja Morant in “Grind City” (Memphis). All this hype will soon be directed towards South Beach for Tyler Herro in due time.

Tyler Herro is a 6-foot-6 guard hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and he is indeed the real deal. The Miami Heat’s 13th pick of the 2019 draft is among the crop of promising young talent in the current rookie class.

Herro, a 19-year-old shooting guard, is one of the sleepers for the Rookie of the Year and that is mainly because his play goes beyond his years. Herro is one of the best shooters in this year’s rookie class but don’t let that fool you. To label him as strictly a shooter is foolish. While he is an excellent shooter he is also a great scorer, something he has shown from high school to his time at the University of Kentucky under coach John Calipari. Herro is just as comfortable creating his own shot as he is having someone create one for him. In four preseason games he is averaging 14.3 points while shooting an unbelievable 52.6 percent from deep on five 3-point attempts per game. To say he is marksman from beyond the arc is an understatement.

Not only does he give the Heat much needed perimeter shooting, he also has the potential to be a reliable defender. His measurements of 6-foot-6, 195-pounds and an underwhelming wingspan of 6-foot-3 doesn’t really grab your attention, but for what he lacks in size he makes up for with his motor and drive. Herro’s high motor on offense and defense is something that can’t be ignored and his potential to be a strong three and D player can become a reality. Along with the high motor, Herro has some sneaky athleticism that will help compensate for his lack of size.

Herro has been drafted into a fortunate situation unlike many of his fellow rookies. The Miami Heat are one of the few franchises that don’t like to languish in mediocrity. Their free agent acquisition of all-star Jimmy Butler shows that they have their sights set on the playoffs this upcoming season. Being a steady contributor for a playoff team will prove helpful for Herro’s growth and it will instill a winning attitude early in his career. Not being expected to carry a team, allowing make his share of mistakes is also ideal for his growth.

His upside and potential makes him one of the more valuable young assets for the Heat. He is one of the rare rookies where the Heat won’t have to wait until the futre to reap the benefits of his game, instead they will be able to get some production out of him now. It’s no surprise that there are reports that says the Heat’s front office labelled him as untouchable.

Don’t be surprised when you hear the name Tyler Herro a lot this season. He is primed to be a future star in this league and he has the skill set to immediately to make an impact. His ability to score the ball at such a young age is promising and his demeanor and swag on and off the court screams out future all-star.

Comparisons seldom workout but hear this one out. Player A is 6-foot-7 and has a high motor on offense and defense. Player A is a sniper from deep range and has sneaky athleticism and is able to create his own shot when need be. Player B is 6-foot-6 and also has a high motor on both ends, he is also a sniper from long range and also has sneaky athleticism and can create for himself. Those two players are Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors (Player A) and Tyler Herro (Player B). Those are lofty expectations to set for a 19-year-old, but Herro has a skill set similar to that of Thompson’s when he first entered the league.

Herro is going shock many and insert his name in the Rookie of the Year conversation. Just don’t act like he was a secret when it happens.

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